17 very practical accessories for a car trip with children

Ready for the first long car trip with your baby? You already have the chosen holiday destination but you fear the impatience of your children during the road trip to get there? Well, take note.

It is clear that the first and most important thing is the correct placement of a safety seat approved for your child's age.

And the jokes and family games that we already share in our childhood on family trips, remain inseparable companions.

Luckily, now, we have many more alternatives. So, fulfilled the security requirement, we help you with 17 very practical accessories for children to be entertaining and comfortable when traveling by car. And with a little luck, you may not have to hear the repetitive phrase of "Still a long way?".

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Hinwo bag organizer for baby things

Diapers, wipes, a spare change, bibs ... Having everything at hand and at first glance, can be very useful. That is why this fabric storage basket with detachable separator and 10 invisible pockets around it offers us extra storage space.

It will also be very practical to leave it in the nursery and to have it handy when you grab your baby at the destination vacation spot.

Made of canvas fabric and polyester lining, it measures 44.5 x 33 x 21 cm.

Storage basket for baby diapers, car organizer, gift basket for newborns, with detachable separator and 10 invisible pockets for diapers and wipes, gray star

Today on Amazon for € 19.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07CBTVNRZ

Change-folding diapers, from CompraFun

Hard to get rid of diaper changes on a long road trip, either in a service area in the same car or, hopefully in the bathrooms of a road bar.

You may already have a cloth changer for your daily walks with the baby carriage, but if not, this proposal is a great idea. We liked it because closed does not take up space and thanks to its handle, you can take it with a bag hanging from the wrist.

But when you open it, you find a padded, waterproof changing mat and a removable top mat that is easily washed with a pad for greater baby comfort.

It also hides inside a pocket for storing wipes, a mesh pocket for storing diapers, creams and bottles and on the outside it has another zippered pocket to put the phone or other personal items. This way, you have everything you need for a diaper change on hand.

Portable Baby Diaper Changer, BuyFun Waterproof Padded Folding Travel Changer Kit, Washable Removable Mat, Internal and External Pocket, Out of Home Use, Ideal Gift

Today on Amazon for € 16.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07RLLT88G In Babies and moreSeven devices and apps that prevent forgetting babies inside the car

Parasols, from Caramaz

Essential to keep our children protected from the heat of the sun, especially on summer trips.

These with child design, have a dense mesh fabric that offers 98% protection against dangerous UV rays and heat without impeding the view from inside the car.

Instead of being fixed to the glass with suction cups, they are held by static fixing, for easy installation.

Its universal shape and its size XL (52 x 31 cm) fits any car.

Parasol car with UV protection - self-adhesive, 2 pcs, to protect babies and pets from the sun, baby car parasol of safari animals

Today on Amazon for € 13.90: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07F2GY3QC

Car seat protector, from Iregro

Not to worry if the baby or children stain the leather or fabric upholstery of the car.

It is a mat with a backrest that is fastened with adjustable straps to the rear headrest in one minute. It is non-slip to keep the child's car seat firmly in place.

In addition, it incorporates an easy storage bag on the bottom of the mat, where you can place bottles, bibs, diapers ... and thus have your things organized and at hand.

Its PVC edge allows easy cleaning of food stains or residues from the soles of children's shoes and can be washed without problems.

IREGRO Car Seat Protector Best Protection Baby Car Seats, Dog Mat, Cover Protects Leather Upholstery or Cloth of Automotive Vehicle

Today on Amazon for € 17.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B01M9IJ1TO

Bottle warmers, Chicco

It has an adapter for the cigarette lighter, so you can use it at home and travel, also at destination.

It has two different programs that heat bottles and jars quickly and keep the milk warm for an hour.

It maintains all the properties of milk thanks to its gradual heating.

In addition, it turns off automatically and does not need monitoring.

Chicco - Heats home and travel baby bottle with car adapter

Today on Amazon for € 31.35: //www.amazon.es/dp/B00SN4GQRQ

Anti-spill bottle, from Philips Avent

They will ask for water during road trips, insurance, and even more in summer. Therefore, having a cup of anti-spill learning will be very useful and thus not have to stop changing clothes.

This, with a capacity of 340 ml, incorporates a leak-proof valve that fits the shape of the lips, which means that the entire edge can be used for drinking, just as adults do.

It has a hygienic protective lid always keeps the cup clean and handles so that the baby can hold it more easily.

Made with BPA free materials.

Philips AVENT SCF784 / 00 - Spill bottle for children (340 ml), assorted colors (imported from Germany)

Today on Amazon for € 11.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B00E6QIWC2

Babyboon baby rear-view rearview mirror

Perfect for when the child travels backwards, as it allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby while driving. In this way, in a matter of seconds you will know if you have to stop to attend to it or if your little one is calm and happy during the journey.

The rear-view mirror adapts to all vehicles and is easily installed with only two clips on the rear headrest.

It is unbreakable and impact resistant thanks to its shatterproof tempered glass, thus preserving the safety of your baby at all times. In addition, double anchoring of the fixing straps guarantees the firmness and stability of the rearview mirror during any journey.

For better vision, the convex mirror enlarges the image so that the driver can easily see the baby's entire body, without shaking with the movement of the car.

Rearview mirror baby car LED Light - Excellent view of your baby in backseat.

Today on Amazon for € 21.45: //www.amazon.es/dp/B074TV4T2X

Inchant baby seat accessories by Inchant

A help for the little ones in the house, when they can no longer use the gearbox that seats 0 and 0+ incorporate.

And it is that this set of pad for the head and for the straps of the child's safety chair, is perfect for children from one to four years.

In bright colors, the support of the head holds the head and allows a more restful sleep, while the covers of the straps protect them from chafing.

In addition to the car, you can use them in the strollers or even at home.

Inchant Baby Accessories Infant Seat - Soft Headrest and Seat Belt Shoulder Cover for 1-4 years old toddlers - Comfortable and reversible

Today on Amazon for € 15.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B0734J94V4

Hold heads, from NapUp

What a shame to see our children with their heads hanging or crooked to the side, whenever they fall asleep in the car and, with a bump, they wake up.

This simple accessory is made of 2 parts, the headrest attached to the car seat and a head strap that connects to the headrest. When the child is awake, the head strap can move up, over the child's head, without disturbing him.

It meets all safety standards in the USA and the US, and is the only neck support that has passed multiple head, chest and neck safety tests at Calspan Laboratories (New York).

It is compatible with seats of all types of cars and with high-backed chairs, and fits easily to heads of different sizes.

Holds NapUp children's heads for cars - A comfortable and safe sleeping solution (Blue)

Today on Amazon for € 39.90: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07CYZ1DZL

Seat belt pads, Tangger

Protective shoulder and chest pads, which also serve to support the head when children grow up and go in lifters.

Easy to clean, they adapt perfectly to the belt straps of any car and child seat, while the triangular pillow protects the belly.

Car Cushion Belt Pads, TANGGER 4PCS Detachable Shoulder Protective Pads, Child Head Support Neck Support Comfort Pillow Belt (Blue and Gray)

Today on Amazon for € 13.69: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07DYHGSDT

Easy Meal, by Chicco Easy Meal

A set that includes 350 ml thermos for baby food, 180 ml container and a spoon with protective case. They are airtight and fit between them.

The container can be used inside or outside the thermos, and is suitable for fridge, freezer, dishwasher and microwave

He becomes a good ally after six months, when he starts eating solids. It allows you to keep your food at the ideal temperature for six hours, to be able to offer it at any stop on the trip.

Chicco Easy Meal - Thermo porridge set with thermos, bowl and spoon, 350ml, 6m +

Today on Amazon for € 23.49: //www.amazon.es/dp/B01CQOJ44K


JJ Prime Classic Magnetic Game Set

It is clear that watching your favorite drawings or a movie on the tablet will be very entertaining and never fails. But they will also end up getting bored of the screens. And it is better to be prepared for everything.

If they have already turned three, board games never fail and those that come with magnetic chips are a classic in travel. This set includes folding chess boards, snakes and ladders, ladies and parcheesi. Each set measures 130 mm x 130 mm x 5 mm.

Comes with zippered canvas bag to carry them. So they have several options to choose from.

JJPRIME 4 in 1 Chess / Ludo / Snake and Ladder / Checkers / Magnetic Travel Board Game

Today on Amazon for € 16.02: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07D3CQVPQ

Lenbest Snack Children's Table

Without a doubt, an invention 10 for those children who love to draw and can spend hours entertaining with a paper and colored pencils.

In addition, this tray, with foldable and waterproof legs, includes a 40x32 cm board, and comes with educational drawing paper set and markers. Made of non-toxic material, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is water resistant.

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It incorporates elastic mesh pockets, ideal for storing toys, books, bottles and snacks. The activity tray can be removed with just one click.

It is transported folded, which can also be used as a center of activities at destination, for lunch or on air travel.

Children's table in the Lenbest Car Seat, Snack travel tray, Waterproof Car Board - 40x32 cm, Car tray, stroller, airplane (Extra educational drawing paper set)

Today on Amazon for € 27.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07FM6SKMG

Movistar Car, Wifi in the car

It can be a good option if we do not want our teenage children not to found our phone data and that this smoke. In addition, they will be entertaining while listening to your favorite music.

As Xataka mobile explains, it is a small device that can be connected to the ODB port of the vehicle (usually under the steering wheel) and that becomes an inspector of the car that we could connect remotely, in addition to a repeater with the to offer connection to the rest of the occupants of the vehicle.

Up to 5 simultaneous devices with 3 GB of consumption per month can be connected. Now the promotion includes 10 GB.

This service can be hired from June through 1004 and also through the exclusive Movistar website for this service.

If hired during 2019, we save 20 euros high, and a month of monthly fee (3 euros / month). In addition, there is no commitment to stay and it is not necessary to be a Movistar customer.

When we hire Movistar Car, the operator sends the device to our address, with an active SIM card inside it. Installation instructions are included in the service app.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 "Tablet

Although you are reluctant to the binomial children-screens, in the long run it can end up being a good investment, as long as you control the use time.

This model with Wi-Fi, has a RAM of 2 GB and storage capacity of 32 GB with expandable microSD slot up to 512 GB.

In addition, it offers a very realistic image resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels on a WUXGA screen with great sharpness, which will immerse children in their movies and games.

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Kids Mode 4.0 will awaken the creative side of children, with room to draw and sound effects. In addition, it allows you to adjust the usage time and block applications.

Another interesting function when arriving at destination is that you can connect the tablet via Wi-Fi Direct to the TV to share and view content without cables.

Samsung Galagy Tab A - 10.1 "4K UltraHD Tablet (WiFi, Octa-Core Processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of Storage, Upgradeable Android) Black

Today on Amazon for € 188.00: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07Q4GG7X9

Car tablet holder, from POOPHUNS

And if you want your children to travel more comfortable while watching their movies, you need a support to hold the tablet.

There are many possibilities, but we like this one because it is practical and simple to install.

It is a universal hard plastic support and is very resistant, which is fixed to the front headrest with plastic fixing screws, and with non-slip silicone tapes, to protect the car and the tablet from scratches, also preventing it from vibrating.

Car Tablet Holder, Headrest Support, POOPHUNS Tablet Holder for 6-11 Inches, 360 Rotation Support, Non-Slip Silicone, Compatible with iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Other Tablets

Today on Amazon for € 11.98: //www.amazon.es/dp/B074SFNC3V

Children's Organizer, by CARTO

While protecting the backrest of the inevitable kicks of children, it offers large storage capacity and is fixed with a click closure at the height of the headrest, so you can put it on and take it off whenever you need it.

It is made of polyester, and can be easily washed with water and detergent.

CARTO children's organizer for car seat, colorful with compartments and pockets, repellent, seat lining for children and babies / seat cover / seat covers

Today on Amazon for € 10.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B06XXCX7TD

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