Children's jewelry to record the message you want

Bracelet with engraved medals My Fabula is a brand of engraved jewels that will not leave you indifferent: they are practical, modern and very beautiful. They have not presented some of their models for children recorded especially with special messages that help identify allergies, communicate the blood group or inform the phone of the parents of the carrier.

Play with cardboard boxes

Have you ever observed that when a young child has received a gift (at the time they do not find out that it is a gift) he puts the toy aside and plays with the box? Yes, with the box. The parents insist on showing him the wonders of a new toy, but the little boy is still fascinated with the cardboard box.

Transforming our house into a child friendly space

A few days ago we talked about the house by asking you about teaching the child not to touch the vase or hide it so that it does not break, and it seems that we all more or less agreed that we should try to find the middle ground, not leaving the house without any decoration, which would be excessive, but keeping those things that we value most to avoid preventable conflicts.

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The controversial trick of a mother to calm her baby who kept crying

Surely many agree with me that the baby's incessant crying is exhausting for some parents. Not being able to calm them more than in arms and not being able to leave them in their crib to do other tasks, can be frustrating and really tired. Therefore, a woman from Massachusetts decided to resort to a simple and controversial trick to help reassure her daughter: a latex hand.

With the September equinox, autumn 2014 begins

Fall 2014 has already started with the September equinox or autumn equinox, at least in the northern hemisphere of the Earth because in the south it is the spring equinox. It is the equinox because in the 24 hours of the earth's rotation, day and night have almost the same duration on the entire planet Earth.

Balance of 2008 in Babies and more

Whenever a year ends I like to take stock of what the past 365 days have given of themselves. Today is the ideal day to do it. 2008 has been a very positive year for Babies and more from several aspects. We have incorporated Armando and Mireia as editors and have had MMar's presence for a few months.

Whether Brad and Angelina or strangers, the most important in any separation are the children

We had heard rumors of rupture before but finally it became official yesterday: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Hollywood's iconic couple separates. After twelve years together and having formed a large family, they hung the "the end" sign on their love story. They will not continue to be a couple, but they will never cease to be, above all, the parents of their six children: three adopted children (Maddox, from Cambodia, Zahara, from Ethiopia, and Pax, from Vietnam), and three biological (John, Knox and Vivienne ).

Can you donate blood while breastfeeding?

Blood donation is a simple and altruistic act of great value to our society. Blood is essential for the life of many patients since without it they would not survive or could perform surgical interventions. Many people are very aware of this issue and many mothers do it regularly and wish to continue doing so once they have had their babies.

Strawberry and yogurt ice cream mini chocolates: recipe to make with children

From Direct to the Palate they teach us a recipe for mini frozen chocolate strawberries with strawberry and yogurt that will make your mouth water and it is so easy to prepare that you can put the children in the kitchen to work. Sharing time in the kitchen with children can be a wonderful experience. So put aside worries and follow the step-by-step instructions to give you the last whim of the summer.

Summary of the week from October 26 to November 1 in Peques y Más

It is not necessary that we tell you that in Peques and Más and during these past days we have had Halloween as a central theme: ideas, events, places to celebrate it, etc., have been present on our pages. But we still have room to talk about health, look at the first Christmas catalogs, learn about the recently released Tintin movie and learn about the programming of the Science Week in Madrid.

19 different vaccine calendars

The tuberculosis vaccine is only placed in the Basque community at birth. Hepatitis B is given to newborn babies in Madrid and La Rioja, at two months. Against chickenpox it is vaccinated at 15 months in Madrid while in others only at 11 years. The hepatitis A vaccine is only given in Catalonia, Ceuta or Melilla.

Bibs-hat for Japanese manga fans

We do not cease to be surprised with the wide world of children's bibs, a complement that returns to our pages today. Sutaistyle is a bib with a cap incorporated with the drawing of the most popular manga characters. I do not confess to following them, but for those interested I will say that the eight available models have been inspired by Doraemon, Dorami-chan, Ultra-seven, Ultra-Man, Kamen-Rider, Shocker and Gorenjya.