Online birth preparation courses for pregnant women

Today I will tell you something that has seemed really novel and can mean the end of the preparatory courses as we knew them until now. These are the online childbirth preparation courses. In preprarció they offer courses for pregnant women on how to prepare for childbirth, on maternity and paternity with baby care guidelines (both still under construction) and gymnastics for pregnant women, which is already working with exercises to keep fit and facilitate the Birth.

A blood test to find out the sex of the baby at seven weeks

Waiting for confirmation by an ultrasound if you wait for a girl or boy will be a thing of the past in a few years. According to a review of 57 studies that a blood test has been done in the United States to know the sex of the baby at seven weeks is a reliable and safe method. Compared to amniocentesis, an invasive test that is performed to determine, in addition to sex, congenital problems in the baby, the blood test does not pose a risk to the mother or the child.

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Vaccine calendar 2014: news

In January, as every year, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics publishes the agreed vaccine schedule for the current year with the intention and desire that all the autonomous communities accept it and the difference ends (absurd) of criteria among them, which makes 19 different calendars.

Fight against obesity from school

The fight against childhood obesity can not only be carried out at home, even if this is the area in which, above all, we must instill healthy living habits. The school also plays a fundamental role in the fight against childhood obesity since school, since most Spanish children will spend a large part of their daily work in it.

The reality of pregnancy and childbirth in other countries

Sometimes we get into our problems and forget to turn our heads to look at the problems of others. Beyond religious issues, which some may share and others not, it is very interesting what is expressed in a letter to the director of the electronic newspaper Hispanidad, which compares the reality that women live in some disadvantaged countries like Peru with the situation in the developed countries.

Benefits of late cord clamping

The benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping in newborns are several, both for the mother and the baby, in the short and long term. This practice is part of the recommendations in the first hour of life of the baby. In the document entitled "Beyond Survival: Comprehensive practices during childbirth care, beneficial for the nutrition and health of mothers and children", of the Pan American Health Organization (the regional office of the World Health Organization ), a section dedicated to the recommendations about the umbilical cord cut is offered.

Stories for environmental education

As we said yesterday, today, June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated, and we can celebrate it with our children in many ways. One of them is to spend a moment of the day reading together a story that deals with our natural environment and the importance of its care. Here I leave some examples of stories that we can find on the Internet and that will help us have a good time with the little ones while raising awareness about environmental issues.

We release version for baby tablets and more

We want to be closer to our readers and as of today you can read Babies and more on your tablet in the new adapted version. We have adapted our template so that all our contents are perfectly visible on the device. You will see some changes as the information is ordered differently and there are new options.

"Printable with fraction manipulatives": a new resource of Meninheira Educational

This new printable Meninheira Educational do not think I miss it, because fractions can be fun if you try to teach them in an entertaining way, and in addition to doing so, knowledge may persist. As you know, in the fourth year of Primary school the kids start in this exciting world, and in Fifth they must apply what they have learned to work more thoroughly.

Recipe for dairy cows cookies to make with children

When I am with my nieces I love to make cookies. They have a great time kneading and cutting and then I'm calm because I know they are going to eat very well. This weekend I was making a recipe for dairy cow cookies to make with the children and they had such a good time, that I recommend you make this recipe when you have occasion.

The end of summer

Little by little the town where we have spent the summer is emptying. There are hardly any vacationers left. The beach, even in the busiest area, is without people. The beach bars close. Friends pack their bags, leave in their cars on the road. We are going to talk, within our Special Summer with children in Babies and more, about this special moment: the end of summer, what it means, what it makes us feel and we are going to give you some ideas to celebrate it.