A mother alert of the "tourniquet syndrome" in the penis for the use of swimsuits with a grid: what it is and how to act

Many of the swimsuits used by children have a grid or internal redeceilla that supports the genitals. This inner lining is made of microperforated breathable fabric, and although for adults it is an important and necessary part of the garment, in the case of children it could lead to serious problems.

This is precisely what happened to Juan, a seven-year-old boy who He suffered significant injuries to his penis because of the swimsuit of his swimsuit. His mother, blogger Clara Castro, wanted to disseminate what happened to alert other parents and prevent such incidents.

A perfect beach day that ended in the emergency room

It was a perfect and relaxed beach day. The children had fun and played carefree in the sea until little Juan began complaining of pain in the genital area. When his parents lowered his swimsuit to see what was happening, they saw that part of the skin of the foreskin had been strangled in the holes of the hairnet, being impossible to remove it manually.

Although the boy's father tried to cut the swimsuit net with scissors, he failed to release the tourniquet that had formed, and the pain began to increase. Clara explains in a video broadcast on YouTube how the appearance of the penis worsened at times, being able to appreciate small bloodied and bloody skin bubbles trapped in the holes in the fabric.

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They quickly went to the emergency room, and after living a few distressing moments, the doctors were finally able to free the child's penis from the swimsuit, at which point the edema began to subside.

Little Juan was lucky, because despite the terrible pain and injury that this caused him, the doctors were able to remove the fabric without going through the operating room. But in more severe cases where it is not possible to relieve the tourniquet and there is a risk that the penis will necrose, it may be necessary to perform an emergency circumcision.

Unfortunately, This child's case is not an isolated event.Well, as Clara explains in her video doctors warn of this phenomenon every summer:

"It is more common than we think. The skin of the foreskin of children is very finite, and with the movement it is easy for me to get a pinch between the holes in the net. Being such a sensitive area it swells quickly, but how much The more it ignites, the more strangles the thread "- explains the blogger in her video.

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What to do in this type of situation?

What happened to Juan is called "tourniquet syndrome", and in Babies and More we have talked about it several times. This phenomenon happens when a thread or long hair gets tangled and strangled any of the toes or the child's hand, or as has happened in this case, the penis.

Strangulation affects the circulation of the member producing an edema and redness, that when less time takes easier it will be to treat. In the worst case, a necrosis can occur, having to operate on the child to remove the hair or the thread that causes the tourniquet and assess the condition of the limb.

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There are children who immediately verbalize discomfort and it is easy to act quickly, but others may take longer to complain or even be so small that they do not know how to express it in words, with the seriousness that this can entail if we do not discover in time what happens.

Therefore, if we are at the beach or the pool with our son and suddenly he starts complaining about pain in the genital area or crying for no apparent reason, we will act as follows:

  • We will undress you very slowly to check, without pulling the swimsuit down sharply, because if the foreskin was caught by the net we could aggravate the injury.

  • If there has been a strangulation of the penis for this reason, it is important notify emergency services immediately, and not try to remove it ourselves unless we see it very easy. Remember that the longer you spend, the more inflammation will grow, the pain and the associated risks multiplying.

In any case, if you have an option it is preferable buy your little swimsuits that do not include this type of network in the genital area, like the classic slip or tight boxers. But if there are only bermuda swimsuits with an inner rack in your closet, cut it with scissors to avoid unnecessary risks.

I always do it with my children's swimsuits, although I had never done it to prevent the tourniquet syndrome, because it was something I did not completely know, but because the grid cloth irritates the skin very much, causing eczema in the genital area. But now, with more reason I will opt for another type of swimsuits.

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