Amazon Prime Day 2019: 21 offers on baby items for less than 50 euros

Amazon Prime Day offers bring us some opportunities that we can take advantage of if we need to shop for our baby. In addition to the current offers in strollers, strollers and car seats, cribs and others, we have made an interesting selection of 21 items for babies for less than 50 euros.

Remember that offers are available for Amazon Prime users, either paid or those who are enjoying the free 30-day trial, with free shipping. We hope you find them interesting.

Toys for babies

  • Game blanket with piano kicks Fisher Price. Musical gym with activities to stimulate the baby and develop psychomotor skills. When kicking, the piano sounds. Your price 59.99 euros 49.99 euros Limited time offer until 6 pm.
In Babies and more Amazon Prime Day 2019: the best deals of the day in carts, car seats, diapers, baby toys and more
  • Tommee Tippee GRO Plush Plush Ollie the owl with sounds, lights and a crying sensor that activates automatically when the baby cries. It fits the crib, bassinet, car seats or strollers. Its price 34.67 euros 19.95 euros.

  • Inflatable pool with Intex games. Dinoland inflatable water games center with pool area, slide and inflatable figures. Ideal for summer (eye, always with supervision) Suitable for children from three years. It supports a maximum weight of 80 kg. Its price 56.42 euros 34.29 euros.

  • Evolutionary tricycle. 3-wheel tricycle of the Injusa brand that adapts to the growth of the baby. It can be used after 10 months and then transformed into a tricycle with a basket. Its price 78.65 euros 38.99 euros.

  • Motorcycle runner. For babies from 18 months. Blue color 35.01 euros 19.99 euros

Hammocks and high chairs for babies on offer

  • Chicco Hooplà Hammock. Ultra-compact hammock reclining in 4 positions with play bow and removable cushion. It can be set or set in rocker mode. Its price 68.36 euros 49.99 euros

  • Highchair Star Ibaby Pod Giraffe. Adjustable seat in 3 reclining positions, 6 height positions and three tray positions (with easy-to-clean tray). It has a five-point harness and when folded it stands. Its price 64.95 euros 48.99 euros.

  • Munchkin safety barrier. For home security, it is installed on stairs and doors to prevent accidents. With easy-to-open children's closure with one adult hand. 35.99 euros 26.99 euros

Chairs and accessories for the car

  • Car seat group 2/3. Suitable for children from 15 to 36 kg (approximately 3 to 12 years old). Adjustable headrest 7 heights with an ergonomic side. With guides for the seat belt and two coasters. Available in three colors. Its price 43.87 euros 29.99 euros.

  • Children's car table. It has two forms of use, such as a tray or is installed in the front seat and serves as a table and organizer. Ideal for car trips with children so they can paint or play on the table. Its price 29.99 euros 23.19 euros.

  • Rovtop car seat protector. It is placed under the baby's chair to protect the car seat and also serves as an organizer to place toys. 25.99 euros 20.79 euros.

  • Car organizer. It is installed in the front seat and while protecting it, it is used to place the iPad in its transparent pocket, to store toys or bottles of water for the trip. The price on offer for today 19.99 euros 12.74 euros.

Technology for babies

  • Surveillance Camera with night vision and motion detection, with remote access from a smart-phone, tablet, Mac or PC. Its price 35.99 euros 24.65 euros

  • ThermoScan Braun Thermometer. Digital ear thermometer with professional precision. With LED display and a fever guide, configurable according to the child's age. Your price 43.77 euros 29.90 euros

  • Levoit humidifier. Cold steam humidifier with night light for the smallest room. It has a capacity of 4.5 liters (up to 40 hours of operation), quiet and low consumption. Your price 49.99 euros 34.49 euros

Other items for dads, moms and babies

  • Unisex diaper backpack. Large capacity bag to carry diapers and other toiletries for your baby. It is not the typical diaper bag. It has 18 pockets and compartments to have everything organized. 35.98 euros 28.78 euros Limited time offer until 7:45 p.m.

  • Toilet shaped urinal. If you are in full diaper operation, a fun toilet, equal to the elderly, but for children. It has support for the hygienic paple and simulates the noise of the tank. 44.99 euros 31.99 euros

  • Pekebaby car seat bag. Universal halftime bag adaptable to most strollers with side zippers that allow a total opening. 49.74 euros 40.98 euros: // Limited time offer until 6 pm.

  • Babymoov pop-up store With UV protector ideal for the beach or mountain excursions. It is ultralight, has mosquito net, stakes to fix it to the ground and carrying bag. 39.90 euros 29.99 euros.

  • Philips Avent baby care set. It includes a digital thermometer, a nasal aspirator, a thimble toothbrush and a kit for hair and nail care. 17.40 euros 16.49 euros

  • Suavinex basket. Includes a cologne, 75 ml diaper cream, 400 ml massage moisturizing lotion and a pack of 72 wet wipes. 24.12 euros 19.99 euros.

More Amazon Prime Day deals

Amazon Music Unlimited for 4 months for 0.99 euros. With more than 50 million songs, on demand and without advertising with the possibility of hearing them offline.

Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months, to access more than one million titles to read on Kindle, mobile, tablet or computer.

If you are not an Amazon Prime user, you can try it for free for 30 days, which allows you to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day offers and have free shipping costs.

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