I do not travel without…: essential when traveling with young children

It's difficult prepare the suitcase for vacations when traveling with children, Especially if they are babies! It is very difficult to make a list of "essentials" and not end up filling the baggage with luggage that we probably will not be able to use.

Over time I have learned to simplify and now I try to take what is strictly necessary. Apart from your favorite clothes and toys, I share the accessories that I keep, or have stored at some time, in our vacation suitcase.

Emergency kit

All parents agree to admit that the first thing kept in the suitcase when traveling with children is a first aid kit.

And with the kids, every precaution is little, and although practically anywhere we go we can find a pharmacy, it gives more security to travel with the essential products / medications that we may need at any given time. In this way, neither the bites, nor the falls or blows, nor a possible cooling will make our holidays bitter.

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Try to carry everything organized in a small bag like this, which you can buy at Amazon for 2.80 euros.

Portable Mini First Aid Kit, Empty Medicine Travel Bag, Small Medical Bag Storage Organizer, Medicine Pills for Gray Outer Container Package

Today on Amazon for € 2.80: //www.amazon.es/dp/B07K6GRKGD

Notebooks and coloring pencils for the trip

The coloring books are somewhat helpful, easy to carry in your bag and one of the things that entertains kids of all ages. Get a good arsenal of notebooks and colored pencils for the trip is something that many parents advise.

In Amazon we can find notebooks to color, like this beautiful pad of Mandalas for 7.29 euros. Do not forget to complete it with a case of colored pencils or markers, like this one that we propose for 7.99 euros, and that we have loved for the wide variety of colors it has and its small size.

Nature Mandalas Coloring Book (Design Originals)

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Abaría - Colored pencil bag, large roller case 72 pencils, canvas pencil holders, art organizer, drop

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A water carrier to bathe with my baby

I'm fond of porting, and when my children were babies in my suitcase I couldn't miss a baby carrier. The water scarves or shoulder bags are perfect and comfortable for this time of year, as they allow you to enjoy a swim with your baby in the sea or the pool, or walk along the shore of the beach.

For water we propose the Sukkiri brand shoulder bag, available on Amazon for 42.97 euros, or the Vlokup brand scarf for 20.90 euros.

Lucky sukkiri Baby door, Purple (Parme)

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Vlokup Scarves Baby carrier Cotton carrier Water sling Quick dry Red

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An ergonomic backpack

And of course I never travel without our ergonomic backpack Buzzidil ​​brand, because it is an essential help when hiking with my young children, hiking, visiting cities ... in short, sightseeing without getting tired and we all enjoy .

Buzzidil ​​Diamond Dust Ergonomic Baby Carrier | Standard accompanies growth 3-36 months | baby carrier with buckles

Today on Amazon for € 155.90: //www.amazon.es/dp/B076M8435T In Babies and more Guide to choose a baby carrier: 15 ergonomic backpacks

Your attachment doll

Many Babies and young children show special affection for a specific object; He always accompanies them and they press him against his chest when they are sleepy or disconsolate. It is the "object of attachment" or "transitional object", and is something irreplaceable for them. If your child has adopted an object of attachment you will know the importance of keeping it in your suitcase, because if you forget it at home it could be an important drama for the child.

Although the objects of attachment chosen by children can be very diverse, dou-dou (a small blanket with a stuffed animal) are often chosen very often, as they often constitute one of the first gifts of the newborn that always accompanies them.

Dou-dou Personalized Bear with Name

Today on Amazon for € 13.95: //www.amazon.es/dp/B01H1X8ESS

Your stroller

And if your baby still does not walk or is beginning to take his first steps, another fundamental object that you should not forget is his stroller. And I make this recommendation from my own experience.

And is that one year we forgot the little one's cart at home, so we inevitably had to buy another one at our vacation spot. The new chair not only meant an extra expense, but none of us got used to it, because it did not meet the characteristics of maneuverability, folding and comfort that the other had.

gb Gold - Qbit stroller, Compact Seat, Travel System 2 in 1, from 6 months to 17 kg (4 years approx.), Cherry Red

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A highchair

If your baby already eats alone you can not do without his high chair, because it is very uncomfortable to feed him on the knees or the cart. But since it is not usually feasible to take the one we usually use at home, it is recommended resort to portable and easily foldable highchairs. There are cloth, which fold as if it were a bag and barely take up space.

The best thing is that they can adapt to any type of chair and hold the baby without risk of falling, to enjoy a family meal together. In Amazon you can find this model for 29 euros.

Asalvo 14252 - Highchair

Today on Amazon for € 29.00: //www.amazon.es/dp/B0789525LZ

Your pacifiers and bottles

Many babies who use a pacifier and / or bottle are "faithful" to a particular brand or design, and it is not easy to get them to gladly accept another nipple of different characteristics.

When my oldest son was a baby, I just wanted to use pacifiers with silicone nipples, and when I offered him rubber, I rejected him, with the ensuing tantrum. So I had to travel always with a couple of spare pacifiers.

Suavinex 303339 - Lilac silicone anatomical nipple pacifier

Today on Amazon for € 6.86: //www.amazon.es/dp/B072K2P1T4

The case of my two young children was very curious, because when I started to offer them a bottle, being used for so long to breast suction, they only accepted those of the Medela brand.

Medela 008.0190, Baby Bottle with Calm Teat, 250 ml

Today on Amazon for € 17.99: //www.amazon.es/dp/B00BPRGNN0

Thermos for storing baby food

If your baby is only breastfeeding this point will not be necessary, but if it has already begun with complementary feeding It is essential that you get a thermos of solids where to store your hot food when you go out to eat outdoors. This we propose is the Suavinex brand and costs 18.03 euros on Amazon.

In any case, it is important to remember the foods that should be avoided when eating out in these hot months, and opt better for refreshing foods, well cooked and above all, properly preserved.

Suavinex - Baby Papillero Thermos. Stainless steel. Hermetic Closure, 350ml Blue Color

Today on Amazon for € 18.03: //www.amazon.es/dp/B071ZSFBKC

Cooking robot to prepare my baby's food

And if your baby has already begun to take solids, it might be necessary to store a travel kitchen robot in the suitcase to prepare your meals. However, this advice that I propose will depend on the place you are going to go on vacation, because if your option is a hotel it is likely that there you will prepare the daily purees for your baby.

A vacation in which we stayed in a rural house, it was very useful for me to take a small kitchen robot with which he cooked in a few minutes his vegetables or fruits. In addition, you have the option to beat the food with the texture and consistency that each one chooses. The one I recommend is this Philips Avent brand for 79.45 euros .: //www.amazon.es/dp/B06XWG3FFX%2F%3Fcstrackid%3D8ae48483-fc9d-4510-9faf-a96023fc70da%26tag%3Dbebesymas-21

Philips Avent SCF862 / 02 - 2-in-1 baby kitchen robot, white

Today on Amazon for € 79.45: //www.amazon.es/dp/B06XWG3FFX Help us complete the "essential" suitcase! What is the accessory that always accompanies you on your family trips?

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