At the destination, renting cots and strollers for children: a practical solution for family trips

When we travel with children, it seems that we have to fill two cars to be able to carry everything we need (or think we need). And things get complicated if we travel by plane.

Therefore, as a mother, I think it is a good initiative to be able to rent cribs and strollers, and other childcare items, at destination.

The proposal came from Kids & Roll, a company founded by two young Spanish mothers. They have been helping to redefine the way of travel of families with children from zero to four years old, offering a year a rental service for strollers and other products for children and babies, which facilitate the logistics of traveling as a family through Spain, Andorra and Portugal.

The services boom sharing

Strollers, high chairs, travel cots, packs with children's products and travel games are, according to the information provided by Kids & Roll, the products most demanded by Spanish families.

Sara Fernández, co-founder, explains that the project reaches its first year of life in the boom of sharing services: “We observe that the habits of sharing, lending or renting products and / or services will become increasingly prominent”.

The main client are fathers and mothers, between 30 and 42 years old, with one or two children aged between 1 and 4 years, looking to travel comfortably and without excessive luggage. And adds:

"Airports and hotels on the coast are the places from which this service is most requested, increasing the demand during Holy Week, summer and bridges spread throughout the year."

The service is based in Madrid, although it serves all of Spain 365 days a year.

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According to Patricia Diz Pazos, also co-founder, one of her main concerns is "to offer a comfortable and fast service without losing sight of the quality and safety of our products, designed to be used by the little ones."

Therefore, they ensure that all strollers and children's equipment are officially approved which guarantees its safety and, after its use and return, go through a cleaning and disinfection process to guarantee a quality service.

Five reasons to rent baby items

  1. You travel more comfortable and lighter luggage, only with your children and suitcases.

  2. Babies and children will feel at home, because you can rent all kinds of childcare items: a bottle warmer, a hammock, a bathtub ...

  3. You will avoid risks of breaking or lose the child's cart or crib, especially on air travel.

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4. You will be taking care of the environment, reusing items instead of buying new ones.

5. It means economic savings, since you can rent the item only during the time of use for an amount lower than the sale price. For example: a reclining chair for your four-year-old son to facilitate tourist visits or the day at the theme park, when he doesn't use it every day. Or the baby carrier only for the holidays, a humidifier ...

Other addresses

The idea of ​​renting and sharing as a saving method is not new and gains adherents at every step. These are some of the online addresses where to rent baby products when you travel.

  • Bebe away: in Madrid, Santander and Ibiza.

  • Baby back pack: in Barcelona.

  • Wallyboo: It is an online collaborative platform for the rental and sale of second-hand items of children and babies among individuals. The idea is that families can rent, in a more economical way, everything that their children need on vacation, to other families that live in the place of vacation destination.

  • Baby car rental: in Spain and Rome.

And also, renting of clothes

Most parents are excited to buy clothes for their babies and toddlers. But if we think about how little it takes for them to be small, we would gladly accept the idea of ​​Tale Me, a Belgian start-up that proposes pregnant women and mothers of children under six years old, to rent clothes for a monthly fee .

His proposal goes through a responsible exchange with the environment, quality clothing and updated according to the latest fashion trends. Although they only have physical stores in Belgium and France, their online store sends them anywhere in Europe.

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