13 school supplies for left-handed children

Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Mozart, Marie Curie, Barack Obama or Bill Gates are some of the great people in our history who used or used their left hand as their principal.

In fact, it is estimated that one in ten children is left-handed or, what is the same, they have a greater development of the right cerebral hemisphere, which specializes in processes such as spatial reasoning and superior information processing.

That is, that laterality of the brain seems to "makes them smarter" but it can also cause problems, especially in its early years, since most of the objects we use daily are designed for right-handed people.

Luckily, thinking minds around the world have realized and there is already a true left-handed universe. To commemorate International Zurdera Day We have compiled some articles of left-handed school supplies. So this year your child will be able to develop his full potential when he returns to the classroom.

Scissors, by Maped

Scissors specially designed for left-handed people with inverted blades and soft rings with 3D ergonomics to facilitate the grip and greater comfort.

It is available in different colors and is suitable for children over 4 years.

Price: 2.99 euros on Amazon

Firesara pencil posture corrector

Set the index and stimulate the fingers in the correct and comfortable position, to be able to master the pencil grip in a short time.

With a durable and elastic silicone butterfly design it encourages children's interests in handwriting and makes writing fun.

The adapters are suitable for pencils and pens from 0.68 to 0.78 centimeters in diameter.

Price: 10.39 euros, 4 units at Amazon: //www.amazon.es/dp/B077SZ2HQC%2Fref%3Dsspa_dk_detail_1%3Fpsc%3D1%26pd_rd_i%3DB077SZ2HQC%26pd_rd_w%3DjBJAv%26pf_rd_p%3D4c3f05cb-2eb1-40e6-8a23-284c1d5bc919 3DFZLWM 26pd_rd_wg%%%% 3DAGH2FH83N0MAAZ06CB4N% 26pf_rd_r 26pd_rd_r% 3D840dacee-0b3e-4e29-a978-772abfa6dab6% 3DZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzNzRERElWTllLVjk0JmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwOTE0OTQxMldFTUtUVEJXRDdRRiZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwOTk5OTYyWDhRMk8xUDZFMEQwJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfZGV0YWlsJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ 26spLa% 3D% 3D%

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Stabilo Erasable Pen

It has an ergonomic support area, made of non-slip material, which adapts to the shape of the fingers. Perfect for learning to write with a pen, since in addition to helping to hold it, it has erasable blue ink and rubber.

It is rechargeable and its parts can be combined to create the model you like best.

Price: 7.81 euros on Amazon.

Left-handed ruler kit, square and conveyor, from Maped

The essential material for children when they begin to draw geometric figures, with the situation of the numbers adapted to the left hand, so that the rules are easier to use for a left-handed person.

Price: 8.49 euros on Amazon.

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Easy colors Start, by Stabilo

12 ergonomic colored pencils, with a specific left-handed grip (yellow color).

They are made of PEFC certified wood and the indentations in the body of the pencil give a perfect support, creating a positive habit in the child for a lifetime.

It includes a pencil sharpener. For over three years.

Price: 15.99 euros on Amazon.

Ergonomic mechanical pencil by Bic Kids

The special design of this ergonomic design is designed to fit in the small hands of right and left handed children. It has a yellow finger as a guide to teach you how to correctly put your fingers and grab the pencil holder.

It includes a super-robust 1.3mm HB mine will not break, even if they try and comes with two spare parts, so that it lasts longer. In addition, the mines are suitable for beginners: they do not slip on paper, helping to write well with control.

Suitable for children between 4 and 8 years old, it is available in blue or pink.

Price: 3.99 euros on Amazon.

Oxford Spiral Notebooks

It allows to place the spiral to the right, so that left-handed children do not trip over it when writing.

A pack of 10 notebooks, folio size A6, with 80 sheets each of graph paper.

Price: 38.40 euros on Amazon.

Easygraph writing pencils by Stabilo

With an ergonomic triangular shape and non-slip grip marks that help to find the correct writing position and ensure a relaxed posture of the hand.

Made of sustained wood, they include a 3.15 mm HB-resistant breakage tip and a space to write your name on the end of the pencil.

Price: 3.38 euros on Amazon.

Stabilo pencil sharpener

The easy sharpener is ergonomic and sharpens 3 different diameters of mine and has a deposit to store the chips.

Available in pink or blue, it has been designed with experts in ergonomics and motor movements.

Price: 5.20 euros on Amazon.

Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen

Made of plastic, with a triangular shape and soft grip area, it is perfect for the small hands of left and right handed children.

This fountain pen designed for beginner writers includes a stainless steel nib with smooth gliding.

Available in different sizes and color combinations.

Price: 10.60 euros on Amazon.

Stabilo Smartball 2.0 Pointer Pen

If your child uses a tablet in class, this retractable pen may be a good option. Ergonomic and rechargeable, it unites the analog and digital world, as it also includes a pointer for touch screens.

In addition, it has a long-lasting XXL ink load and super smooth writing.

Price: 9.16 euros on Amazon.

Marker, from Pelikan

Blue left handed roller with ergonomic handle. Its shape prevents the finger from sliding from the top and is perfect for learning to write.

Includes 2 ink cartridges and a funny smiley face for the little ones.

Price: 7.99 euros on Amazon.

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Vertical mouse, from Perixx

Wireless and with a range of 10 meters, it allows a natural and straight posture of the wrist, thus avoiding muscular problems.

It incorporates built-in on and off switch and energy saving function.

Price: 14.99 euros on Amazon.

Maped- Left-Handed Scissors, Assorted Colors (693500)

Today in Amazon for € 2.99

Firesara Pencil Gripper Ballpoint Pen Grip for Concealer Pencil for Holding Original Pencil, Ideal for Left-Handed Children, Set of 4 Units

Today in Amazon for € 10.39

Maped 897118 - Left-handed ruler kit, square and conveyor, 3 pieces

Today in Amazon for € 8.47

STABILO EASYoriginal START Ergonomic Rollerball - Blue body - Model for ZURDOS

Today in Amazon for € 7.81

STABILO EASYcolors START - Ergonomic color pencil - Model for ZURDOS - Case with 12 colors and 1 pencil sharpener

Today in Amazon for € 15.99

Ergonomic pencil sharpener with STABILO EASYsharpener tank - Sharpens 3 different diameters - Pink color - Model for ZURDOS

Today in amazon for € 5.29

BIC Kids Learner HB mechanical pencil with Replacement Mines (1.3 mm) - Pink or Blue, 1 + 2 unit blister

Today in Amazon for € 3.99

Stabilo Easygraph Handwriting Pencils - Hb - Left-handed - Light Blue Barrel - Pack of 2

Today in amazon for € 3.38

Oxford 100050405 - Spiral notebook (for lefties, 10 units, gridded, 80 sheets, A4, 90 g / m²)

Today in Amazon for € 38.40

Pelikan Twist fountain pen, M, Apple-Blau color

Today in Amazon for € 10.60

Pelikan 955179 - Roller for left-handed in box

Today in Amazon for € 7.99

Ergonomic retractable pen with pointer for touch screens STABILO SMARTball 2.0 - Blue ink - Black / blue body - Models for ZURDOS

Today in Amazon for € 9.16

Perixx PERIMICE-713 L Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse for Left-Handers - 10m Range - USB Nano Receiver - relax the carpal tunnel syndrome

Today in Amazon for € 14.99

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