13 savings keys to put into practice if you are going to have a second baby

During my first daughter's pregnancy I was convinced that I needed all the childcare items to take care of her and I thought that when I was born I would need many more. I was wrong. Many of the "essential objects" were totally expendable and some even left untouched.

So when I got pregnant with my second child, my needs changed completely. Not only did I take advantage of many things from his older brother, but also made a collection among friends and family of clothes and accessories that he might need. And the saving was considerable.

If you are waiting for your second baby, you may want to know how not to squander, because with two children you can not always throw the house through the window and more if you already go to school or daycare (the return is already around the corner corner). I have asked some friends about it and when they join their tricks to their own, they have emerged these 13 savings keys that you can put into practice if you are going to have the second baby, because not everything goes.

1. Review what you have of the older brother

Before launching into the wild of shopping, check first what you can reuse from your older brother. Of course it is an illusion to imagine your baby with that little and so new clothes! But when temptation assails you, think about how many of your first child's clothes were new. Remember how fast they grow.

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Also do not forget that newborns spend most of their time asleep, so nothing happens to reuse those pajamas and bodys of the older, even if they are a little used. Reserve the budget for when you grow up and demand "true style", who will.

I have a girl and a boy and I assure you that I reused almost all newborn clothes because I was quite unisex. But he even wore a pink bubbler from his sister. And so handsome he was! It has to be practical: I had to change it up to three times a day and I was at home or on the street, covered, almost all the time.

And also reviews the essentials of childcare. Not only the crib and the carrycot and the stroller, which probably still have a lot of life ahead, but also the baby carrier, the hammock, the high chair, the first chair of the car ...

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In my case I had to buy the full stroller, because the safety rules for the car had changed and the carrycot didn't work for me, but I did recycle almost everything else.

2. Make a list of what you will really need

You have already learned from your mistakes, right? And now you know what you are going to use and what not with your little one. So nothing to thank the useless gifts of others, or to go crazy in the baby plant of the large surfaces.

In my case, I had "almost" of everything, so when they told me that they wanted to give a gift to the baby, I always asked them for very useful things and that I had written down on my list of earrings: the bag for the stroller, a new cover for the car seat, clothes for two years, first step shoes and, above all, diapers, many diapers.

The birth lists are also very practical and some of my friends turned to them, to make sure that no gifts are repeated and not have to return the repeated ones or those you don't need. I am not a supporter, because it seems that "They are telling me how much they have spent", but each one is free to choose.

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And of course, no stuffed animals (which only accumulate dust) Or toys for babies. He already has those of his older brother and if they served for his development, they will continue being equally useful for the second.

3. Eliminate everything that has to do with food

Opt for breastfeeding and not only will you be giving your baby the most complete food, but you will save a lot of money: bottles, teats, formula milk, sterilizers, bottle warmers for the car and the house ...

You won't even need those accessories that seemed so necessary to you before your first baby was born, such as the nursing cushion. You are already an expert in the subject! Your only investment will go through breastfeeding discs and, if you buy them online, you will also save a little money.

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4. Ask friends who have been recent parents if they can lend you some "earrings"

Among them can be the breast pump, very useful and surely necessary, but that can mean an affordable outlay. They lent it to me in both pregnancies, because once you stop breastfeeding it is cornered in the closet. You just have to sterilize the cups (you can even change them if you want, period).

And also the mini-cradle. I borrowed it with my two babies. And it is very common among mothers to pass them from one to another. It is a considerable investment, which is used for a very short time, so it looks like new. And you always know a mother who has given it to her and is willing to do it again. Try it and you will check it out!

The same advice is for the baby carrier, although the disbursement in these cases is less and is used longer.

And the travel cot. I lent that of my oldest daughter to another mother, so when her brother was born I had to get another, because it was very comfortable for me to go to the grandparents' house and to the town. Later, I also passed it to other parents.

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5. Practice colecho

And so you will also save the mini-cradle, the crib of colecho or the "cradle of elders".

You will be helping the development of your little ones and thus their older brother will not feel displaced. Have you thought that you will not have to worry about the crib when you travel, nor will you need a travel model?

And you will also save the baby listeners, since the baby sleeps with you and takes you to the place of the house where you are. Also, if the floor is small, you will surely hear their cries. The sixth sense is already well developed after two children!

Less things to put in the trunk of the car!

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6. Search the second-hand websites

I recognize that I am a faithful follower of the purchase and sale pages. I started using the printed service when I was a student and the economy was very weak and I still do it today. You would be surprised to see how what you think is useless, there are always people who find their usefulness!

And vice versa. From the generic classics, such as Vibbo or Wallapop, where you can find everything and where you can sell your eldest son's things that you already know that you will not use and thus get a perfect extra for your brother, to pages oriented exclusively to the world of Motherhood: Wallyboo, Baby eco ...

And so you will also be taking care of the environment.

7. Be a forecaster and look for offers

You have already had a baby, so you already know what most of the budget will be for you, also with your brother.

Cloth diapers are a good option to save costs, but if you opt for more comfortable disposable diapers, the investment is high. The large areas usually launch from time to time 2x1 promotions, the second unit at 70% ...

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I used to be aware of them and as soon as one left (after checking that it really was the original price and it was a great discount) I was collecting a few bags of the size that my daughter was using at that time and the next one, in case The current one was too small.

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8. Take advantage of the sales

I've been doing it all my life, taking advantage of the end-of-season offers of the children's section to purchase the clothes for the following year.

In fact, I also did it for the first months of my baby. On sale I bought the diver for the winter, the mittens, hats and even the swimsuit, calculating the months I would have.

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I knew I was pregnant in August, so I caught the last prices of the summer season and February. I assure you that you can get a real wardrobe for a ridiculous outlay!

I did not do it with the clothes or pajamas, because I could not know if I was going to be a big or small baby, but with accessories that use larger sizes.

9. No to disposable wipes

I remember that with my first daughter I used tons of baby wipes. I lacked hands to clean it, change my diaper, eliminate vomiting from your clothes ...! They were my great allies.

But it was after checking the damage they cause to the environment and our pockets (for the great damages they cause in the services of neighboring cities and communities), that with the second I tried something different: a sponge, water and soap at home to Changing diaper and paper towels for exits. And the funny thing was that I also managed to save, in addition to being more hygienic and less irritated by the ass.

10. Bet on him sharing

Did you know that there are childcare rental companies?

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In addition to being useful for not having to travel with the seat, the crib, the high chair, etc., they can also get you out of trouble and not throw money crazy.

Esther, a school mother who had another baby a few months ago, told me:

"This same Christmas I turned to one of them. They got us in the car and stole the children's chairs on a visit to Madrid. Spending money for two new ones was unthinkable, so we decided to rent them on a website and now I looked for offers at home and, when I found an interesting one, I paid them in installments. "

And I kept the idea. Another alternative to not spend money crazy.

But the options go further. There are even websites for renting baby clothes, precisely because of what we said before: they grow very fast and they barely have time to use those beautiful little models that have cost you a kidney. So you can take your babies to the last but without making a hole in your family budget.

11. Compare prices

As does Paula, mother of Jesus and Telma, Do not rush into the purchase in another key to save. As a famous ad said: "Search, compare and if you find something better, buy it."

I am one of those who go to a store and I am always looking for the bargain. But before acquiring it, I return home and search the Internet for the real price. Because sometimes there is no such bargain and it is only a way to get the customer to buy immediately, so that he thinks that if he does not do so he can lose the bargain.

Also, have you thought if you really need that item so discounted? First reflect at home and see if it is the size of your baby or if it will be useful or will be cornered in a closet.

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A friend told me recently that when she decided to do deep cleaning at home to get rid of useless junk, she found unopened baby items (her daughter is now five years old). He had not needed them at all.

The funny thing is that he decided to sell it on a second-hand website and they were almost literally taken from their hands immediately. But are the parents who bought it really going to use them or do they just think they will?

12. Ask yourself who will take care of the baby

Take numbers on what interests you most: reduced working hours when you return to work (dad or you), a person who takes care of the baby at home and helps you with the eldest, a nursery, maybe even moving to a house near the grandparents ...

Because the idea at this point is not only to save money but also time. Because with two children (and one of them a newborn) the time for "try to reach everything and not die trying", is gold.

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There are no tricks here, each parent chooses the option they believe will be best for their child.

13. Make numbers and do them again

There is no other. The family has increased and you have to redefine expenses, but there are tools that can help you save without wasting time.

The Japanese Kakeibo formula for calculating expenses has become fashionable in family economies and for something it will be.

It is based on a small booklet of accounting and finance, structured in a specific way.

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Or even in app: Zoe's Kakebo, for iPhone and Android.

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