Prepare the return to school with IKEA: more than 23 useful items at a good price

Summer vacations are not yet over for some families, but others already have their heads on the next course.

Acquired textbooks, and the uniform (if necessary) it is time to think about other things that could be useful to help them in their studies, as school supplies to develop their cerativity at home and in school.

If you have grown up and already have homework, why not take advantage of the remaining days before returning to the classroom and renovating your bedroom by creating a study corner appropriate to your age? But also to draw, paint or have fun, because winter can be very long.

In IKEA we have found many more than 13 articles, very useful and at a very affordable price For your bedroom, practical and fun school supplies and everything you may need to eat in the nursery. They can be a good start. to prepare your return to school.

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1- Micke desk for older children

Although this model also exists in dark tones, we liked it in white for the children's room. As it has such simple lines, it works well in any decoration.

Also, it has a large drawer and a closet module with another drawer, so that you learn to keep your school books and your tasks tidy.

And, when the computer arrives, the hole in the back will hide all the cables.

Its price: 69 euros, 105 x 60 cm

2- Comfortable desk chair Öefjall

Thanks to the high density foam, this chair is very comfortable for the child, no matter how much time you spend sitting on it.

But, although with a simple design, it meets all the characteristics of the work chairs of the elderly and thanks to its swivel wheels, it is very easy to move (or move with it).

Its price: 39 euros and 29 euros for Ikea Family members

A corner to dream

This space-inspired proposal, for the little ones who still do not go to the "school for the elderly", integrates a small desk, a work lamp and a chair for children.

3- Mini SUNDVIK desk

It occupies very little space so it is perfect to place in any corner for the child to draw, read or make crafts.

We also like it because under the flip board there is a large compartment (in which notebooks or folios A3 size) and a smaller one for pens and pencils.

In addition, the child has no risk of catching his fingers since the adjustable support of this lid prevents it from falling by accident.

It is white pine and its price: 49.99 euros

4- Mammut children's chair

It is part of a classic collection for children of the firm, a very durable furniture, made with harmless plastic for health.

It is so easy to clean and so durable (resists sun and rain), that it can also be used outdoors. And since it is very light, the child can take it from one room to another without problems.

And sit wherever you want to play, draw or even eat.

Recommended for children from 3 to 6 years old, it is available in different colors.

Its price: 15.99 euros

5- KRUX table lamp, with LED bulb

An ideal light to make crafts, draw or work. You can go wherever you want and it is low voltage, without sharp edges, small parts, hot surfaces, openings or hooks.

Its fun design has been tested and approved for children over 3 years.

Its price: € 34.99 and € 24.99 for IKea Family members.

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6- Möjlighet storage for the high bed

This pocket with so many compartments and very resistant (it is made of polyester) has seemed really useful so that the brother who sleeps in the bed above has everything he needs at hand (including his book), even if he does not have a bedside table, so as not to having to go up and down the stairs eight hundred times.

It hangs on the side of the bed or on the footboard and fits all child beds.

In addition, it is made of non-toxic materials for the skin and the child and respects the environment. Ikea has totally banned the use of phthalates in children's items and in products intended for food contact.

Its price: 6 euros

7- Gersby Library, for devour books

If you start to have a considerable collection of books, you should consider as a task for this course, add a bookcase to your bedroom.

This option has a large capacity (60 x 180 cm), thanks to its multiple shelves, specially designed to have the most organized books or class notes.

And as it has very little background, then integrate it even in a passage area if you do not have space in your room. Of course, it is exclusively for the child!

When it grows, you can even close it with glass doors, to keep its paper treasures free of dust.

Its price: 25 euros

8- Kongstrup Fluffy Carpet

It is true that carpets trap dust and are not very advisable in case of children with allergies and respiratory problems. But if it is not the case for your child, a long-haired model like this becomes a very comfortable and pleasant surface to play, listen to music, read, and even review the lesson ...

And best of all, it does not give off fluff and is very easy to clean. Why do those blue and green tones and geometric design match any bedroom? In addition, it is very wide, so that more friends enter: it measures 133x195 cm.

Its price: 79 euros

9- Pallra Organizer, to order your writings

This mini dresser (measures 31x26x31 cm) with three drawers in blue, very resistant and with fish scale texture can be placed on a shelf, on your dresser or on the desk.

It is a perfect idea to keep your crafts, your writings, 'jewelry' or small objects that need your own space.

Its price: 17 euros

10- Starttid backpack, for your extracurriculars

It is not necessary to recycle the school bag or the one that you have been given as advertising for your dance or English classes. You can find a practical and resistant backpack for a ridiculous price.

In addition, thanks to its compartments and pockets and its capacity (7 l) it is also perfect to take that magical night to your friend's house.

Its price: 5 euros

11- Jansjo flexible lamp, with USB

A perfect idea to provide extra light when working with the computer or as a bedside lamp, to read in bed.

It has an adjustable arm and screen to direct the light wherever you want and its LED bulb provides a warm white light for 25,000 hours, saving energy.

LED lights consume up to 85% less energy and last 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Price: 4 euros

12_ MÅLA school supplies

The completely non-toxic MÅLA collection contains everything a child needs to unleash his creativity, so he can have a great time and explore the world with his imagination. These are some of the proposals they offer you.

Like this drawing easel, the best gift for children who enjoy painting. Made of coniferous wood, it allows the little ones to display their most creative skills as a professional artist. You can choose between one of its two faces: black or white board, or add a roll of drawing paper.

And as it folds, it is very easy to take it wherever you want.

Its price: 19 euros

13_ Colored pencils

10 totally non-toxic pencils, like the rest of the MÅLA series and with the ideal size for children to draw without difficulty.

In addition, they are soluble in water so that, with the help of a brush, the child can mix colors in their drawings and create with total freedom.

It also comes with a pencil sharpener and when carrying small and sharp pieces, they are recommended for over four years.

Its price: 4 euros and 3 euros for Ikea Family members

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14_ Gel ink pens

Eight gel pens, totally non-toxic, recommended for children over 5 years.

They are stored horizontally, but if the color pales a little, put it vertically with the tip down for about twelve hours to rekindle the color.

Its price: 5 euros and 4 euros for Ikea Family members

15_ Colored scissors

Pack of two scissors, for home and school: one for straight edges and one for zigzag edges.

They are designed so that the little ones can not be cut, but it contains sharp edges so they are not recommended for children under 4 years.

Its price: 3 euros and 2 euros for Ikea Family members

16_ Box of watercolors

These brightly colored watercolors blend well for the child to create their own colors. It is also easy to use since the water containers remain stable inside the box and the brushes have been specially designed for children's hands.

It comes in a practical box to store the drawing material and transport it easily.

For children over 3 years, as it contains small parts.

Its price: 6 euros

17_ Lankmoj Notebook

With rings and made with paper from sustainable sustainable sources and has practical details:

  • Inside there is a space to write down the name and contact information.

  • The bookmark helps you find the page you are looking for quickly.

  • The elastic keeps the notebook closed so that it does not spoil and does not fall any sheet that can be stored inside.

  • The leaves have a clear hue to protect the view.

Its price: 3 euros

18_ Knallgul adhesive labels

They will be useful to put your name in notebooks and books or put the material in the notebooks and thus locate them more easily.

Its price: 1 euro / 15 units

19_ To eat at the nursery

If you are already discovering food, meals can become a challenge away from home. The baby items do not contain BPA and their bowls and bibs have adorable faces.

Like this Mata kitchenware With frog motifs, suitable for all ages, which includes everything your baby needs to eat and drink alone, and a bib that collects everything that comes out of the mouth.

It is made with harmless plastic, the same material with which bottles, diapers and food containers are made.

Thanks to the beak and the two large handles, it will be easy for your baby to hold the glass and drink alone. Frog legs provide stability.

The closure of the bib can be adjusted and the large pocket for collecting food is easy to clean.

The lid is designed to fit the child's nose and not have to head back when drinking.

The spoon is designed for hands and small mouths, and is perfect for babies to learn to eat alone.

Its price: 2 euros

20_ Kladdig Bib

Ideal for eating, playing, making crafts, pastries ..., it is a good option for children who refuse to bibs. And it is soft, comfortable and easy to put on, since it has an adjustable neck, a practical velcro closure and long sleeves with an elastic cuff.

It also has a front pocket to collect liquids and food that falls and can be washed by hand and machine hot (at 40 ° C).

Made with safe materials: it does not contain substances, PVC, or phthalates harmful to the skin or the health of children.

Recommended for babies from 0 to 18 months.

Its price: 7 euros

21_ Kallas dinnerware

The plastic does not break and is harmless, since it does not have additives. As it can be reused, it is a sustainable alternative to the use and disposal.

In addition, they come in cheerful colors, you can stack and are designed for children to learn to eat alone.

  • Multicolored glasses: 1.50 euros / 6 units

  • Dishes: 1.50 euros / 6 units

  • Bowls: 1.50 euros / 6 units

22_ Spoon Börja

It includes two models, one with the longest handle (useful for the little pots) and another smaller one, with the appropriate shape, so that the children learn to eat alone.

Made with harmless plastic and recommended for all ages.

Two sizes: 13 and 16 cm.

Its price: 2 euros

23_ Glass of learning Börja

Designed for babies to hold and learn to drink alone. Hence, it has a mouthpiece and two large handles. In innocuous plastic, it has a transparent window to see the amount of liquid that remains inside and a plastic lid that closes tightly.

Its price: 2 euros

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