17 original ideas to customize the objects back to school

One of the first things we must do before our children start school is label all the material they will need during the course. From books and clothing, to backpacks, personal supplies or anything else they should take to school. Labeling everything with your name will help us not to lose objects, or to find them quickly in case they are lost.

In the market there are several companies dedicated to the manufacture of labels with the child's name, both for clothes and for everyday objects. But if you are looking for something original and different that makes going back to school more fun, check out the proposals we offer you to customize your children's objects in the most creative way.

Cups, bottles and lunch boxes

If our baby is going to start kindergarten, they will ask us to have their bottles personalized And an excellent way to do it is to buy them in stores that offer us this option. One of these stores is Gumets, where we will find a wide assortment of easily customizable childcare products.

Specifically, the bottle that we present to you is made of high quality polypropylene, has a capacity of 120 ml and you can choose the typeface of the name that you like to make it totally exclusive. Its price is 8.95 euros.

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In the first years of school, teachers usually recommend that children bring a cup so they always have it on hand and can drink water whenever they want. The customization of this object is essential, and the bigger and more striking the name, it will be easier for the young child to recognize him.

From Universo Peque they offer us a wide variety of designs and drawings to customize the cups. In addition, we can choose the material in which we want it to be manufactured (ceramic or plastic). All for 14.90 euros.

On the Tutete website we propose this Practical lunch pack consisting of bottle and pan With capacity to store up to four sandwiches. Ideal to keep children's snack in a hygienic and safe way. It can be personalized with our child's name, choosing the sticker design that you like best. All for 16.99 euros.


For children who use a pacifier, the Suavinex brand offers us beautiful and sweet designs that we can also personalize with our child's name. If we combine it with a matching chain, the pacifier will not be lost and our little one will always have it at hand. And all from 10.21 euros.

Cushions, blankets and towels

The cushions are another one of the indispensable objects for the return to school of the smallest. They need it to carry out the assembly, to take a nap or simply to remain relaxed while doing some activity. On the Original Gift website they offer us a wide variety of 40x40 cm children's cushions personalized with the child's name.

This we propose costs 15 euros, and has a very fun and practical design with the alphabet as the protagonist.

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If what you are looking for is a blanket so your baby can take a nap in the nursery, accompanied by a familiar object that brings calm and calm, we recommend these beautiful blankets of My Pipo. They are made of extra soft polyester fabric, and their measures of 80x110cm are perfect for younger children.

You can customize it with the drawing you want and the price varies depending on the final design chosen. Check here all the information about it.

In Bon Cotó we are presented with a wide assortment of towels of various sizes and designs, which we can also customize so that our children are taken to school or daycare, without fear of being lost. This one that we propose is made of 100% cotton American curl, size 30x50 cm and 30 different colors. Choose the one you like best and customize the embroidered name for only 5 euros.

Cloth bags and backpacks

The Cloth bags are very useful for storing snacks and other necessary items for the return to school of the little ones. In Universo Peques they have a wide variety of backpacks made of polyester and with dimensions of 28x31cm, perfect for children to carry on their backs. You can choose from a multitude of colors, designs, prints, fonts ... for 18.90 euros.

In Lullaby Baby we have found these small backpacks made of leatherette, perfect for children who make the leap to Primary, and for those who cloth bags are already small. They close with zip, they have an outer pocket and adjustable straps. It can be personalized with the child's name for 28.95 euros.

Cases and necessities

What child is not excited about start the school with a new and personalized case with your name? On the Original Gift website they make it very easy for us, with this practical little bag case that we can acquire with the name of the printed child. Its price is 15 euros.

The bag is one of the objects that older children usually carry in their backpack. In it they keep the tools needed to clean up after gym classes, or a dental kit to brush your teeth after the meal. If we want to customize it, from Mi Pipo they offer us different options and models, both made of imitation leather (like the one in the photograph) and in patent leather. Its cost will depend on the chosen design and the number of characters we want to print.

Babis or gowns for the nursery

The gowns for the nursery are essential for children not to get stained while playing, painting or eating, but it is important that they are comfortable and easy to put on for the kids. That's why we love the babis offered from Suavinex, without buttons and with elastic cuffs that favor a better fit. In addition, we can personalize them with the name of our son at the top for 25.70 euros. Don't you think they are beautiful?

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For customize clothes We can resort to several techniques, from the simplest and fastest, to more original and sophisticated. In this sense, some of the ideas we propose are:

  • The easiest and most economical option is to buy white labels to customize with a textile marker. It is undoubtedly the most practical solution if we have several children, since this saves us the cost of personalizing several labels with the name of each one of them. In Amazon you can find this pack of 25 labels + permanent labeling for 3.32 euros.
  • White labels with the name printed, to fix the garment by thermal sealing. They are made of cloth, and this roll of 100 labels costs 10.99 euros at Amazon.
  • Embroidered patches, which we can fix to the garment by thermal sealing with the iron or by sewing it. These custom patches are an excellent idea to identify babis or give an original touch to any garment of your little one. You can order Amazon 10 units for only 11 euros.
  • Stamp to stamp the name: This option is the most expensive, but also the one that offers the most versatility, since we can print the name easily and quickly on any piece of clothing or book. The ink is indelible and resists washing. You can find this stamp on Amazon for 19.90 euros, and customize it with the design you choose.

Coats and reversible garments

Special mention is made of the reversible coats and clothes that make children so excited to change their design just by turning the sleeves around. But nevertheless, parents find it difficult to label this type of clothing, since there is no setback, it is impossible to fix the name tag.

The solution of the thermo-adhesive patches that we have presented above could be useful, provided that the patch is placed on both sides of the garment. Another practical idea we have found are these identification plates to hook them to the zipper, which we propose in Labels 4Kids.

They are made of durable and waterproof material, and have a small washer to attach to the zipper of coats or backpacks. They allow you to customize it with the color you choose and the name of the child, and a pack of three units costs 5.95 euros.

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